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Palm readers urge everyone to look for it on their own hands to see if they are one of the lucky carriers. Palm reading, or palmistry, actually dates back thousands of years. It was then learned by the Roma people gypsies who spread it around Europe and other parts of the world. As the teachings were taught to different cultures, they adapted their own knowledge and incorporated it into palmistry, making this art form just a bit different in different parts of the world.

Across the different cultures, one line was observed that was very rare. The line is very powerful for those lucky enough to have it.

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This line is called the guardian angel line. The line means that a person has an angel or a spirit guide assisting them through life. Having analyzed your hand exhaustively on various parameters Along with remedies and precaution. Get Your personalized reading.

While taking image through Digital camera, keep the camera in a vertical position so that the whole image from wrist to fingertips and from thumb to little finger is obtained. Through Mobile While taking image through Mobile, keep the Mobile in vertical position so that whole image from wrist to fingertips and from thumb to little finger is obtained. Through Scanner For taking palm images through scanner, place the palm against the glass of scanner applying pressure.

Method of taking print with lipstick For this method, use dark red coloured or brown coloured lipstick. Take two sheets of white paper, one for right hand, other for left hand, both of which are a bit larger than the size of your hand and a thin layer of cotton. Stretch the white paper on hard and smooth surface.

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Keep the cotton layer below white paper on the portion of the palm where central portion of the palm rests. The Central portion of the palm is a little hollow. The lines of this portion will not come out clearly if cotton layer is not kept below the paper. Dry the palm after washing the same and spread lipstick evenly on entire palm and fingers.

Keep the lipstick bearing palm on the white paper and press it with the other hand as shown in the above figure..

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While applying pressure, the lipstick bearing palm should not shake at all. Then remove the palm from the paper.

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You will see that full print of hand lines has come on the paper. In short, the right hand reads more certainly.

The very first thing Parvati did after we got acquainted was take out her cleansing lavender hand spray and gave both of our hands a good spritz. The lavender was also calming, which made me even more ready to listen and observe. And the rest was history! To see your lines clearly as you begin, cup your hand and put under bright light and shift it around from side to side. Your life line is one of the easiest lines to spot right away.

This line starts at the base of your palm and arcs upward circling the ball of your thumb, ending between your thumb and forefinger. Your life line will tell you more about your general well being and your passion for life.

Career – Job – Business Line In Palmistry

This line will also indicate major changes in your life, like moving cities or major physical and emotional events. If your life line is long and unbroken, you are a solid, dependable person who people can rely on. A long, strong unbroken life life also indicated the inheritance of strong, healthy genes. A life line that is pretty straight, without any curve, means that you are cautious when it comes to relationships, and could benefit from instilling more trust in others.

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The head line starts on the outside of your palm, on the side between the crease of your thumb and index finger, and ends in the center of your palm. This line represents your learning style, how well you communicate, and your desire for knowledge.

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A short head line might mean that physical achievements are super important to you—you might have interest in being an athlete or a dancer. A sloped, curved line that connects with the life line represents creativity. A line that does not touch your life line represents an adventurous person.

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And a deep head line represents being clear, focused and wise—you might be someone who is good at giving advice and should offer it more often. The heart line is the line that runs below the base of your fingers and ends at either your middle or index finger. This line will tell you about your emotional stability, romantic life, state of happiness, and the health of your heart.

If you have a short, straight heart line, you value your sense of independence when it comes to relationships and show your love through actions rather than words. If your heart line ends under your middle finger, you are a romantic and fall in love easily. If you have a long, curved heart line that arches up toward your middle finger, you are passionate and freely express yourself and your romantic desires. A short curved line, however, means you are more private about your romantic endeavors. A straight, parallel heart line means you are level headed and realistic about relationships.

A broken heart line or a heart line that has other small lines crossing through it may indicate heartbreak or emotional trauma.