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In the next week, a correction is possible.

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On 23rd, Mercury will turn direct; around 26thth December, a decline is possible. Our prediction on Gujarat election turned out to be accurate. Heavy volatility may prevail in the domestic stock market.

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It is going to be a broad range day. At the higher level, profit booking is possible.

Can you become a successful investor? - Stock Market - Vedic Astrology

Next day, trend may be negative. On Wednesday, market shall be […]. Today, it is the anniversary of demonetization. Global Equity Indices In the previous session, market went through the anticipated correction.

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Today as well, the corrective mode may continue; the day is uncertain. Indian market shall be positive for the day.

A bullish opening is expected. UGAZ great buy.. Saturday, 05 October Locked Must read. Here is detail predictions on metals, market, currencies, commodities, Crypto and Cannabis Amazon Prime video - Life and future predictions about market Financial astrology Mahendra Sharma. Sunday, 06 October Must read. Saturday, 05 October Must read. Cannabis stocks are bottoming out Many stocks we recommended yesterday along with TLRY Wednesday, 02 October Must read.

Stock Market Prediction (Today and Tomorrow) - The Vedic Astrology Way

Gold, silver and metal mining stocks, platinum move and palladium will be life time trade.. Monday, 30 September Must read. Weekly Financial Newsletter The Weekly Financial Newsletter sketches the likely market trends for the week before they unfold.

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