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18 Vedic Astrology Reasons Why President Obama’s Birth Certificate Is Real.

Home Dhana yoga. AM PM. Do you want to speak to our Astrologer? What is Dhana Yoga? General Traits A wealthy person knows the meaning of accuracy. He will be systematic and punctual. He will be confident and high on energy. He will take risk without going impulsive.

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These characteristics can go vice-a-versa if the conditions are not benefic. The 2nd house manage all the matters related to money. It is responsible for the source of earning but also includes greed. The 5th house shows the records of the native. His luck in wealth. His luck in gambling.

Rahu in the Second House

His love affairs etc. The level of wealth he will be able to gain. The 9th house shows the native interest in spirituality and religion. The house shows the level of education and career. The 11th house shows the native's humanity.

His projects, his friends, his occupation etc. Positive Effects The native will be wealthier than his parents if the lord of the ascendant is in the 10th house. The native will earn great wealth from business if 7th house has Mars or Saturn and 11th house with any planet except Ketu. The native will earn in foreign if Ketu is placed in the 11th house. The native will be rich with his hard-work and efforts if the Lord of 2nd is in 8th house. The native will prosper if the Mercury is in Cancer or Aries.

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The native will earn through ancestral property if the Sun is in 5th, Mars in 4th or Jupiter in 11th house. The native will be wealthy with divine grace if all Kendras are occupied with planets. The native will earn through religious means if Jupiter, mercury and Venus are together in any house.

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  • The native will earn through gambling and sports if the 7th house has Saturn or Mars. The native will become wealthy in marriage or through wife's earning if the lord of 10th comes in Taurus, Libra or Venus. The native will become rich by commissions if the 7th house has Mars, Saturn and Rahu. Paid Services Reports. Phone Consultation. Lal Kitab.

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    Male Female. Vedic astrology talks about numerous planetary combinations which can be either auspicious and beneficial or inauspicious and harmful for the native. The result of such a rajyoga may be varied specifically as per the nature of planets and the houses involved but the general result is the increase in the overall status of the individual and making him luckier, more efficient and thus powerful. To consult astrologer Srejal Agrawal, Please click here. More from the section: Astrology. Subscribe Magazine on email:. Login Sign Up. Email address Password Forgot your password?

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