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Positively, can make wise, influential leaders. On the other hand, this placement implies hard workers who have much talent potential. Vesta in Eleventh: This placement shows dedication to group interactions; especially those with an over-arching purpose.

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There may be issues with making friends, or becoming so absorbed into a community that loss of self occurs. Great potential for creating collectivist groups with an idealistic mission.

Vesta in Twelfth: This placement shows dedication to becoming self-less, spiritual, and devoted to destiny, karma, or a higher force whichever rings true to you. There may be issues with unconscious fear, suppression, and persecution. There is also potential to become a bridge between the unconscious and conscious world, which can bring much self-discovery and mysticism. Tonight, you can see Venus along with a crescent moon, Mars and Uranus just after sunset.

No binoculars needed! This phenomenon is caused when sunlight reflects off dust particles in the plane of our solar system. Use Venus and Mars as a cone-shaped guide on the western horizon in late February and March. Comet 45P will be visible using binoculars and telescope and will make its closest approach to Earth on February Vesta is the second largest asteroid in our solar system, and is one of the major asteroids in astrology. In the natal chart, vesta shows where our dedication lies and in what ways we express it.

It is integrity, devotion, and what renews our spirit in the purest form. Vesta in Aries : In what you devote yourself to and what spiritually drives you, you require a great level of independence and self reflection. You yourself are your main source of motivation and of completion, you are able to start goals on your own just as easily as you are able to complete them on your own. Above all else you are dedicated to yourself.

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In time your headstrong commitment will assist you in finding yourself. Take time to look back on the accomplishments that you claim as your own. You will not be disappointed. When you feel overworked : From time to time you may need to escape the people around you to be able to recharge your energy.

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Get out, get away, go missing but not really for a little while. Spend some time with your own thoughts, release your frustrations through exercise and let the only thing that you think about be the pounding of your feet against pavement.

Vesta in Taurus : You are steady. You are methodical. You are persistent. Once you become devoted to something, and I mean a soul-deep devoted, you will not let go until you have achieved what you have wanted to achieve, until you have attained what you have always desired. And as your devotion runs deep your work environment has to match, you work environment has to be as comfortable and as soothing as where you sleep.

And one of the things that you may find yourself committed to the most is finding security within yourself and within your loved ones. You are not too slow you are only thorough , your expression of vesta may be like honey but even honey has to fall sometimes. What you are working on may be like waiting for a late bud to bloom but when your dedication pays off and your dedication blooms it will be the most beautiful flower of all. When you feel overworked : It is okay to take breaks from work, release yourself from the career oriented world and relax a while.

Take a bubble bath, diffuse some essential oils. Indulge in a food that reminds you of your childhood. Tenderly care to a garden. Listen to the songs of the earth. Take root. Time is as steady as you. Vesta in Gemini : Communicate what you dedicate yourself to, whether it be through speech or written words. Your mind is expansive enough to take on multiple commitments.

Let it. You have a gift for explaining your desires and your goals through words, words, and more words.

You have a gift of bringing ideas and people together through words, words, and more words. For you a voice is not a wound it is only a close ally both hot from a mouth and fresh from warm ink, you are able to communicate what you have decided to dedicate yourself to as smoothly as silk. Do not feel as if you have to become smarter. A magnificent mind is enough on its own. When you feel overworked : Take a careful look at yourself.

Are you losing yourself in others? Write out how you feel until the paper is thick with words. You may find comfort in confiding in people that you do not know particularly on the internet!! Your mind may be moving at incredible, unfathomable speeds but learn from the bull and do not be afraid to be slow. Vesta in Cancer : What you dedicate yourself to is not really yourself at all but to others.

To home. Maybe even to the ocean. You are most determined to softly and effectively heal others, as the mother of the vesta signs you care and you nurture. A home is in your heart and your heart is in your home, and what you have unmistakably dedicated to others is your heart. And if you have dedicated your heart you have also dedicated your home, so you may prefer to work where you live or create a workspace that reminds you of home.

Do not be afraid to reach out and heal others. From birth you were deemed the spiritual, the working, the devoted mother and these things cannot be stripped from you. Let your heart take hold and never let it go, a maternal love radiates from deep within bones. When you feel overworked : As you nurture and heal others you must learn to take gentle care of yourself. Enjoy the simplicity of paint against canvas. Leave your home and the ghosts that are in it. Be near the ocean and let the salty air engulf you. Soak in cooling bath water.

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Wait for something to blossom or for something to take root. Do not stress again until you have listened to your heart. Vesta in Leo : You are you and no one can take that away from you, no being on this earth can define you. You dedicate yourself to your identity, your pride, to who you believe you are inside. Creativity is one of the many gifts that Vesta has given to you, and I mean a wild, carefree kind of creativity, not something that can be contained.

Anywhere you work you must be able to expand, both in self and in creativity, both in pride and in generosity. Others will come to appreciate you and your work because your self image will boldly reflect on the outside. You will not lose your luster. You were made for this. Just be aware that there are powers greater than you. When you feel overworked : Withdraw.

Withdraw from others. Withdraw from your hobbies. Withdraw from what you consider art. Express yourself in ways that are unknown. Release tension held in your body through rhythmic dance and movements. Bask in the afternoon sun. Acquire something that you find beautiful. Realize that you are enough on your own. Vesta in Virgo : You learn from wounds that have embedded themselves in yourself and wounds that have embedded themselves in someone else. With a careful eye and steady hands you have devoted yourself to service and to help others in all walks of life.

Others may see your expression of your devotion to something as tedious and too intricate but you are only ensuring a thorough and a permanent job. Reach out to others and heal them.

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Not only will you do it effectively but you will also do it with a kindness and patience that only lies in your hands. Take care of them. When you feel overworked : Take a break from servicing others when you are sick. Do not neglect your own needs. Make sure you are well nourished.